2.35:1 dvd backup using dvd2svcd guide



hey there,

I’m trying to backup a 2.35:1 dvd to dvd-r.

I have to reencode as it is 2.5 hours long.

When I go through the guide and use encode as anamorphic 16:9 I get a horizontally squished image.

Any simple fix for this?

So I tried to edit the avisynth script, the following are my results.

I tried to input 272 as vertical resolution with no borders after dvd2avi ran and all I got for output was black .mpv and non standard when I tried to import into dvdauthor.

I tried also with 272 and 104 top borders, and I got a full cinemascope horizontal, but then the vertical was squished.

Thanks in advance.


I’m trying this tonight:




I’ll ask you all to thank me tommorow. :wink:


The latest D2S ve 1.2.2 b3 gets the Anamorphic (encode as 16:9) AR correct. If your using an older version I’d suggest you update asap.

You can also use the freeware AVIRES from http://www.posunplugged.com/jsoto/tools/ to help you with the correct resize and borders numbers.


Yeah, 1.2.2b3 is the one I am using.

I think D2S should have dealt with the 2.35:1 properly aswell. Unless there were no borders on the top of the original???

The encode stretched it vertically or squished it horizontally when I tested the .mpv file in Windows media player.

Using the above double Resize seems to have done the trick. I’m not sure if I needed those 8-pixel borders on each side but thats what I found at some page on the internet.

‘PROPER’ AR here

Curious to here what others think about this page.


ignore last reply. I’m going to go through with full D2S and see what it looks like.



It looks wonderful with 5.1 sound.

All apologies for over thinking.

Thanks for letting me talk this out in this thread.

This thread may be usefull to someone else having a dense moment like myselr.

D2S setting from the guide work spledid.


Yep a good site but there is really nothing new there. They seam to more interested in shrinking the picture to allow for TV overscan than anything else. As I said above, the simple use of AVIRes program to caculate the numbers for the avisynth script works 100% and no slow down double resize needed.