2,319 Pi failures at MAX of 3, Coaster?


Im just wondering if this amount of pi failures would be a coaster and if i should reburn this dvd. It had 2,319 failures with a max of 3. The failures reached  three only around the 3gig part of the disc for about 1/4 of a gig. i will post a Picture of this when i get home from work for those who want to see one. Any help on this subject would be appreciated.

Here is my setup by the way. I have a tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h552b GA4. I use clonedvd2 to burn at a speed of 8x on verbatim 16x dvd-r’s.


Can you post a pic of that scan? It’s easier to read results. Thanks :slight_smile:

This might have been better posted in the Blank Media forum, with all the scanning peeps in there…not sure if as many of them will see it tucked away in here.

But yep, a pic would be good. :iagree:

yeah sure ill post a pic tonight around 7 when i get home from work. Can i transfer this to the blank media forum somehow, or should i just post another thread in there?

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As said [B]Arachne[/B], don’t crosspost.

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whos the mod? how do i send a link to the mod/

Post that scan here, and I’m sure one of the Mods of this forum will move it to the relevant forum if they wish.

But from your other thread, it looks like it’s your scanning drive that has a problem, and the disc could be fine.

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No answer the question: no it’s not a coaster. Total error counts mean almost nothing by themselves.

Yeah, I wouldn’t call a disc a coaster just by hearing a PIF max of 3. A scan would be better though, to give us an overall picture of the burn. :slight_smile:

I didnt read the thread i just moved it.

CDan is right. I use the total error counts only to compare scans of media that i have read with the same drive, burned with the same drive and have similar PI PO max values - at least to me thats the only way to draw some results from total counts.

Ditto :slight_smile:

PIF max 3 is fine in all cases. Total counts can sometimes help in selecting better media/batches, and can be relevant when checking for media degradation (rise in total numbers after some time), but [I]can’t be used in an original scan to judge of the overall burn quality/compatibility/whatever.[/I]

[B]Please always post an actual graph[/B] when asking such questions, :wink: numbers alone can be extremely misleading in many cases: too much info is missing.

i wil post as soon as i get home, sorry about that.

We just have to have pretty pictures to look at. Call it an obsession. :wink: