2-3 avi on one dvd

hi ppl
i would like to know that how can i burn 2-3 movies that are in divx(.avi) format on single 4.7gb dvd?kindly b a bit more descriptive as i’m new to dvd burning.
thnx in advance.

dvdSanta or NeroVision Express.

If you have a decently new version of Nero and are simply wanting to put 3 divx or xvids on a DVD, go into “Nero Burning ROM”. At the “New Compilation” screen make sure “DVD” is selected in the upper left hand corner. Select DVD-ROM (ISO) from the list and create a new project. Then just drag your movies over to the layout and burn.

sry my mistake i asked a incomplete ques. i want to play the dvd in my dvd player after burning and not just copy them on to dvd as hitman has replied. and for bcn_246 in nero vision express it makes a movie for 3.7+ gbs if i try to burn a divx by it and i m unable to make room for more movies.

first your going to need some programs

(1) winavi
(2) dvd shrink
(3) dvdlab pro
(4) nero or dvd santa

this is simple to do so i will just do it in 5 simple steps

  1. open up winavi click on dvd and load up your avi file
    then save the output files to a folder on your desktop we will call this filder DVD’S for now ( do this with what ever movies you wish to burn )

  2. open up dvd shrink and click on open files
    go to the DVD’S filder that you made on your desk top and load in the files that you made with winavi
    once this is done click on BACKUP ! this will save the movie again to your harddrive just pick a place to save it ( do this again with the other movies that you wish to burn )

  3. dvdlab is a simple program to use due to it has good on screen instructions so just follow them and if you get stuck then just click on the help tab

  4. open up nero / dvd santa ( i would go with dvd santa due to it is easy to use )
    load up your movie files and click on burn

if your going to do this then here is a tip
put no more then 2 movies to one dvd or the pic will start to look $hit
if you have the cds then you could just put one movie to one cd so you dont lose any quality this is easy to do aswell just go from WINAVI to DVD SANTA / NERO

hope this helped