2.1x dvd+rw



Received my new DW1640 today. Upgraded it with the latest firmware BSLB.
When trying to burn a DVD+RW max speed is 2.1x. Media is TDK 1-4X (Philips 041) and Verbatim 4X (MKM A02).
Burning in my NEC 3500AG I get 4X (same machine). Any sugestions?


Is DMA on?


Thanks, your Q made me go over my setup again and I found the jumper on slave, not cabel select which I use. So the BenQ was configured to be slave, using the black master (second ide). Moving the jumper to csel fixed the problem. Hmmm, I’m geting lazy…spoiled with hardware usually pre-jumpered to csel.

Anyway, thanks…

Btw, whats up with dvd+rw full erase… finnished on 2 sec.(dvd decrypter/dvdinfo pro), that can’t be right?


Did you do the “quick” erase (or similar)? If so, I understand that it only clears the disc’s TOC (table of contents). This makes the drive think the disc is clear and everything else gets overwritten.
There should be an option for a “full” erase as well.



I did choose the “full erase” and not the “quick erase”.


Try using a different program to do the erase. I believe DVDInfoPro has a DVD-RW utility.



Yes, it’s the best choice!


If you look closer at my posting, dvdinfo pro was the other program tested besides dvd decrypter. I also have an Nec 3500 in the machine, and when erasing RWs with this writer it’s the normal ~15 min. erase with both programs.


It may not support the DW1640 or your f/w. Perhaps Benq provides a utility to do this?



Have the BSLBRPC1 fw. Nero 6.3 did erase the RW correctly (Not Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.01, this one just “erased” forever).