2.19 firmware how many are using it?

Hi there!

I want to know how many people are actually using the new firmware and are you using the original NEC released or modified (RPC1 and Riplock). What are changes you noticed and which media particularly benifitted from using it. Also is there even a remote chance that DVDDL (-r) writing is possible with the NEC with future firmwares??? :confused:

I guess not many. Looks like it has very few changes from 2.18, compared to Dee’s 2.TB RC2. Probably just a firmware with the need to support new 16x media, like Ricoh JPN R03.
DVD-R DL won’t be supported, but I dought that there will be any need for it eitherway.

I won’t touch it until bitsetting is available.
Currently running 2.FD which is similar but has bitsetting.

was hoping i could use nero cd dvd speed with this firmware but no such luck:(

Not yet. Liggy is waiting to do bitsetting on a version with more changes and my burns from 2.18 are as good as I can possibly expect.

I thought soo too but wanted to confirm the same. imho some 5% of 3500 users are only using the latest firmwares!!

I’m using nec’s firmware 2.19 , no problems at this time.

Works for me. I don’t see any difference with TY media yet.

2.19 caused major problems in me. Power calibration errors in cd writing, major faults in DVD writing. Is it possible to downgrade to 2.18 without losing my warranty? What should i do? return the drive?

I think You cannot RMA your drive although You may try it.
I also know that there is written (somewhere) that firmware upgrades other than official ones will void Your warranty. But You cannot use the official flasher to “downgrade” the firmware version so You have to use the binary flashing utility + correct .bin file with 2.18 firmware. You can get it for example from here: http://tdb.rpc1.org
Don’t worry, no one can tell if you used only original flasher or if you somewhen used the unofficial one.



my apologies, the moment i tried the site was down. now its up again.
is there a windows flasher?

here is what nero speed reports

i went back to official 2.18 and i get Power Calibration Error all the time. Should i sent the damn thing back?

Probably bad media or fast burn speed. 3500 shouldn’t have problem reading quality DVDs at 16X speed.

Sure there is! But I saw You had written You were back @ 2.18 so You’d probably found it… :stuck_out_tongue:

Waiting for +R bitsetting firmware version.