2 100pks of TDK DVD+R MB for $22 costco

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ENDS TODAY 1/29/2006*

that people would see, since it ends today–

I was just at Costco and they had the TDK DVD±R 100pks, $20 instantly off at cash register, AND LAST DAY for “buy one get one free” coupon.

So I can get two 100pks for $22. THE +R WERE MARKED Made in India, MB I assume?

-R were MIT.

oh dam, $20 off instantly???
Which Costco are you talking about and when did you buy it?? I bought 4 spindles a few days ago and there was no $20 instant off. The costco I went to locates in Garden Grove, Southern California.

Birmingham, Alabama.

I did not buy it yet, I am on my way back. I need to return a DVD set before I can afford them. They close in 2-3 hours here, so i better hurry.

I will let you know when I get back with them!

I was wrong. The 8x TDK 100pks get the $20 instant mfr rebate. (good until 08/2006, until they sell all the 8x)

They coupon was for the 16x MIT 100pks, even though the picture had 8x on it, the text read 16x.

Maybe they will let you get the 8x with both deals, they would not let me.

I think I might go back next weekend and get the 8x MII MB 100pk for $22.

If you really want printables, you will not find them cheaper than this. I personally would not put the effort into sub par discs at any price but if you are just burning to scan and see what results can be had, these are good testing discs.

Which ones the 16x MIT, the 8x +R Made in India, or the 8x MIT?

Why would one buy 100 DVDs just to scan?

I don’t really need the printable, as I have given up on inkjet because the ink cartridges dry up before I can use all the ink, and have switched to $100 BW laser printers.

Then I would pass on the whole thing, none of those media codes are any good, the CMC might be passable and the Moser Baer from India could be from passable to just ok, but with the price of Taiyo Yudens so low and Verbatim 16X for 12.99 at Office Max, why would you want these?

You guys stay away from any brand of DVD media that is Made In India is not worth it.

MBIPG101R04 (which is most Made in India 8x discs that I’ve come across) are my second choice in media just after TYs!!

they work better on my BenQ DW1640 then any verbatim discs (MCC codes) I’ve used.

weird eh?

my oldest ones are only about 6 months old, but they still scan like new. If I had a costco near me, I’d stock up on those for sure!

i understand that not everyone has the same luck with media and made in india isn’t always the most trusted, but they might be worth taking a chance on…although I probably wouldn’t just “take a chance” with a 100 pack unless you know they’ll work for you.

I have had good luck with 8x Moser Baer from India also. So far the lowest score I have is a 95 with about 600 (maybe close to 700?) pifs. My best is a 98 with about 350 pifs. They’re not as good as my ty but they are worth what I paid for them.

If I could find ty printables for 22 cents a piece or even 30 cents a piece I would much rather have them.

Moser Baer are really good, better than my Verbatim, I guess I have a bad batch of verbatims. The price is really good even you dont have direct disc printing device. A Sharpie would do for the labeling. Just treat them discs as unbranded white surface.

moser Baer are consistently better than any verbatim discs I’ve used.

and the verbs I’ve used have been bought at different time sand from different packs (same goes for my MBI)

MBI consistently outperform verbs for me (although I recognize that it’s not likely to be the case for everyone)

I wanted printables. I have an epson Photo R300 that prints on cd/DVD’s.

I took some vacation photos and made a slide dvd and printed a collage of some pics on top for family. Everyone was impressed that I could print a photo on top of a dvd. Most (I mean all) of my family is computer ignorant. I am the family IT who has to take care of everything–for free.

i know that feeling!

i get “hired out” to family and their friends as well. “oh, lets get Nicole to fix it, she’s good with computers.”

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Same here but i usually get a cake or a pie. Sometimes they buy me CD/DVD blanks of my choice :stuck_out_tongue: but i never ask them for anything they just do it.

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmm piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

Me Too, I taught my dad how to to Burn DVDs, now he is hooked in. Good thing Staples have cheap media on sale, he went through 5 spindles (250 dics) in less than a month

I rather to buy media MIJ as much as possible knowing these days plenty of media MIJ are on sale (Sony, Fuji and Maxell) and that make it easy. But those of us who have good experiences with media from India and find sale price for them very attractive and irresistible then that would quite right to buy those media with good sale prices and acceptable performances.