2 1/2 " drive enclosure works , is it meant for continuous use as a regular hdd?

i bought a 2 1/2 " drive enclosure for usb hdd use.
as i cannot boot my laptop due to bios problem i used the hdd in this new box and connevted to my desktop computer usb-2 version.
it works fine.
if i boot from usb hdd can i use it continously like normal hdd??
it looks so flimsy and has one chip and connector for small drive and a mini usb port.
any body has used such thing?
there is no external power for the box.

I wouldn’t recommend using the drive in the enclosure on a continuous basis for anything other than data storage. Using it as your boot drive is probably not a good idea. It’s a temporary solution to get you back up and running, nothing more.