1X speed

Hi, all.
After copying Torment (on Clony settings) the play disk would freez/crash during the intro. I tried a few different settings, and finally got a working copy with my origional(Clony) settings, but on 1X read speed. Was this a fluke or should I use 1X with my rig to be safe?:confused:

Yes, 1x is normal…
But seems that I am having the same problem as you, other speeds won’t work except 1x, But to me, it depends on what game/app you are copying. 75% I will need to write at 1x, and only 25% I can write at 4x, my max. is 4x, so…
anyways, what writer are you using? :smiley:

I got it because it was the cheapest one I could find that made the CloneCD hall of fame:)
It can write fast (32-10-40), but I have been running at 1X to be safe. No prob with MOHAA, GTA3, etc.

Originally posted by softwareguy
Yes, 1x is normal…
…no. it’s not normal. If this device has to really read at 1x, it needs to be given away to the Salvation Army because it’s not what it says on the pack. softwareguy, please refrain from handing out this sort of advice about 1x read speeds.

@misterburns, mount the image in Daemon’s Tools to test for RAW-ness. If your max-read image works in D-Tools, then writing is the problem. Generally, poor media or a DMA issue.

I’m talking about write, and not read… If it’s for read, it will take a few damn hours because the games is even load.
Also I mean that writing in 1x is ok, and I don’t mean that his drive has some problems…:frowning:

Originally posted by misterburns
…finally got a working copy … but on 1X read speed. Was this a fluke or should I use 1X with my rig to be safe?
Look, softwareguy, I do like you, but he’s talking about 1x read which is possible on most devices. Writers have a minimum write speed determined by the chipset - most 24x and above will only go to 8x, 4x if you’re lucky. So don’t get angry with me

my old hp burner could do 1x, but it was 4x max. also, mister, if it made the clone hall of fame, and its reading @ 1x, thats not good. my philips 20x, which didnt make the hall of fame, reads and writes safedisc 2 at max speed, at least through 2.4. it only does securom @ 16x, though, for some reason. freak-kay

also, 1x read = 800mb / 150 kb = 80*1024/15 seconds, which isnt a few hours, i assure u, more like 90 minutes :wink:

it needs to be given away to the Salvation Army

Given away? Thats where I got it! :eek:
Looks like it was a media issue. I hadnt had any probs at max speeds until then, but i’m not runnin an assembly line, so the extra time didnt bother me. Thanks for the D-tools tip :slight_smile: