1x Quality Scans - Sony DRU810A Turned DW1640

I crossflashed my DRU810A to a Benq 1640 with BSLB but it still scans from .50 to .8

I’m happy with the BSLB but running the scans would be helpfull.

Are you running CD SPEED 4.1? Reflash to the latest BenQ FW using BQFLASHER, wnaspi32.dll, and the .exe BenQ FW in the same folder. Reboot PC and retest.

The old Sony FW will lock your scan speed at <1x. Also make sure that you can read a SL DVD up to 16x. Finally, how’s your CPU load during read? Is the BenQ drive running in DMA mode 2?

Problem solved. I didn’t realize there were different versions of Nero’s CD speed. I updated to 4.60 and now it scans fast.

Is BSLB not the best firmware to use with the 1640 ? DMA Mode 2 is what its running at… should it be different ?

Thanks for your help

Sounds like you’re good to go now. :slight_smile:

BenQ only uses UDMA-2 for it’s internal drives. Everything OK!

I love my BenQ DW1640(former Sony DRU810A) :iagree: