1X media



hey guys i have this not so good magicspin dvd+/-r/rw drive thats 16X DL as well. i must have some crappy media even thoguh its ritek. i have a few questions. what is the best media that will get my movie backups to play in dvd players? also, what media for sure will burn at 1x in any burner, and can someone link me to that since my ps2 game backups and xbox backups will only be read at those speeds?


i dont think you’ll get any media that has not been discontinued that will burn at 1x, plus all the new drives cant burn that slow anyway.

just use good quality discs and they should work fine in the ps2 and xbox even if theyre 8x rated discs burnt at 8x.

so long as you get a decent brand that is good quality they should work fine.