1TB Sata Hard Drive (internal)

I’m looking to buy a 1TB internal hard drive. Can anyone give me some recommendations? Or even ones to stay away from?

Many thanks

I like Seagate or Samsung, myself. Couldn’t name any models for ya though, as the only 1TB drive I have is an external WD MyBook :slight_smile:

Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, and Hitachi are all well known reliable brands.

With 1TB you will have to be careful with what you get 1TB can easily become 800GB with some of the cheaper brands.

Also be careful if you are going to put your OS on that HD. Partition the drive so that you can seperate the OS from everything else. You do not want to loose 1TB of data over a virus on the OS. I think any grown man would shed a tear after losing a TB of info.