1TB of Western Digital SATA for $320

Western Digital recertified 250GB SATA drives on cheap:
Get a 250GB drive for $80.
WD SATA series have both molex and SATA power connectors, so you can use them with older power supplies.

They have little confidence in their rebuilds:

  • Recertified Warranty Information: SATA: 6 months. External: 90 days.

true, and it’s only 100 bucks @ newegg if you want brand new w/3yr warranty…
but this is great if you’re building a RAID setup or have redundancy as a requirement. Cheap!

refurbished?? Isn’t it one of the most important components of the computer?? why risking your data on a refurbished drive?? I paid $108 for 250 gig WD SATA-II with 16 meg of cache at monarchcomputer.com for a brand new one with 3 yrs warranty.

I have a refurbished 40 gb from WD that runs a lot better than the drive it replaced. 3 and half yrs later and still running strong. But $20 more for a new drive with a 3 yr warranty is the better way to go.

if you run RAID, as many ppl do, you’ll understand why we like cheap prices for good hard drives. I’ve never had to claim a WD warranty, but I’ve done plenty of Maxtors. If you run a RAID setup, you don’t have to worry if one hdd craps out anyways.
With my 2TB setup, I could have saved a ton by getting refurb stuff.