1st Timer! Plz Help Me! X

I have a Pioneer dvr-107d…I have just updated my firmware frome 1.10 to 1.21…My reason for updating was to be able to burn my dvd at 8X speed instead of 4X (which i have been doing 4 ages!)… I realise now that the 1.21 update was to quieten the drives burning noise!..(I Think?)…Tried looking everywhere in search engine for the Speed Control Tool software…most places guided me back to www.pioneer.com…where i have already looked and no updates to download S.C.T.for the DVR-107D…When firmware was 1.10 vers…i used Nero 6 test option recording at 8X (without burning a disc)…which went to 100% and no fails…So then i used DataWrite (Grey) 8X DVD-R Disc and came up with failed at 1%!!! Can any1 help me plz!? XX plymmarky69@aol.com

@ pepsimax
Welcome:) Can you post an error log of your failed burn?

mainly it comes up with calibration error and the short lead out failure… since then i have updated firmware1.21 and only lets me burn 8x with BULKPAQ x8 orange -rdvd…other 8x discs comes up with that calibration error report,but it will let me burn at 6x and 4x… and with 4x discs i can only burn at 2x speed! Is there a firmware patch for this 1.21version??? or can i uninstall and download a different version for my pioneer dvr-107d rw?

@ pepsimax
sounds more like a pioneer forum question since the firmware determines what speed to burn the disc at…try searching there. The firmware has the info for each disc and will only burn at the speed it feels it can do a good job at.