1st Time DL burn (Verbatim) DVD Decrypter




I’m all excited thinking that I’m ready now for the very first time to burn DL discs of my VERY favorite films (‘2001’, ‘A Clockwork Orange’[NEW REMASTERED PRINTS], you get the idea : )

So, I do some research; Verbatim (sp) sounds pretty solid. So I have these slick ISO’s ready to go; BTW I’m using the Pioneer 111D (firmware 1.29 - brand new update) So I burn ‘2001’… Beautiful! I put it in my DVD Player… Fine.

Now, NOTHING CHANGES, okay? I go to burn ‘A Clockwork Orange’ (and, BTW I have used the EXACT same program, DVD Shrink, to create all these ISO’s; and they are ALL straight ISO rips, no FIDDLING!) and the disc begins it’s set up process and BAM! I get this error message:


AND, it says ‘Disc Not Empty’! Thank you very dang much at $2 each! I put in another disc; exact same thing. And a third, yep, the same…

So…, what the h*ll is the deal; it does one complete flawless burn with an ISO created by the same exact program, nothing changes, and then it won’t burn any more… this has now happened with 3 discs.

Why would it all of the sudden refuse to burn the discs; can all 3 of the 4 discs that I just tried be BAD???!! I doubt that.

I would SURE appreciate some help here guys before I throw away $40 for nothing!

… Thank you!

… L@the


Which burner app were used? Don’t say “DVDShrink”, because it isn’t one.


Heh heh…, YES, I know… I’m not quite THAT new : )

No, if you look at my post I said that I used DVD Decrypter; remember that I said that the VERY first DL disc burned perfectly well, then just about ALL others failed after that. I’ve had success with only 3 discs out of about 15 so far. VERY weird… WHY only 3 times? Do you suppose ALL these other Verbatim discs are bad??? Seems kinda unlikely, wouldn’t you say…?

And, YES, DMA is enabled on all channels. It’s just funny that 3 of the discs DID burn properly; if something was set wrongly or if there was a blatant incompatibility then NONE of them should burn, right? But 3 did and about 12 didn’t…???

Oh well, any suggestions would be lovely, thanks!



Use Decryptor to rip and burn in ISO mode and eliminate Shrink from the process. That’ll rule out Shrink as a source for the problem and also gives you the best duplicate of the original. I’ve done Clockwork before with no issues this way.