1st time burning dvd

this is my 1st time burning dvds and i want to know all the facts before i successfully burn a dvd [many failed attempts already]. im using a LG Super Multi DVD Rewriter: GSA-H42L. my dvd player is a Samsung DVD V4600. the movie is in .avi form. i would like to burn on double layers dvds. so here are a few questions:

  1. Im currently using ConvertXtoDVD, but is there a better program that you guys recommend? It doesn’t have to be free.
  2. I heard that if I wanted to get a double layer dvd, i should get Verbatim, and nothing else. True or False?
  3. Which is better (DL) DVD+R(W) or (DL) DVD-R(W)?
  4. Do most DVD players play double layered dvds? cause i cant seem to find if my dvd player can or cant.
  5. When programs, such as ConvertX, convert from .avi to DVD, do they also make the quality better for TVs?

i think thats it for now.

Hope that answers most of your questions.