1st Speed test...how do I interpret?



The project was only 17 minutes, so it was less then 700 megs, but this is my 1st burn and I need help to understand what I am seeing. See the attached image.

What are the positives and/or negatives I should be looking for and addressing? The spped worries me b/c the media is rated at 8x and I burned at 8x, but it is saying 4.55x. Am I doing something wrong?

I have the 1620 Pro w/firmware G7P9.




based on what i see your pie is higher than i would like, but your pif looks fine. however this is pretty meaningless without a full disc burn. what is meaningfull is your jitter. it is way to high. if this is a video disc i highly doubt that it will play in a standalone player. if you want to tell how well your discs are burning create a data disc with cd speed and scan that…

edit: ignore everything i just said with the exception of the full disc comment. you did not test in the 1620. you tested on some other drive. as such i can’t tell you anything about your burn.


This is not a good burn to judge, you should have burned a whole dvd. It is not possible to draw conclusions from a 670mb burned disk.
Speed at 4.55 is the reading speed, and the reading speed goes up from 3.75 or 4 to 8x speed. This has nothing to do with the burned speed of your fresh burned dvd.

To make your pc configuration optimal when burning a dvd you can do some things to improve writings quality.

  • defragmentade your harddrive before burning a dvd
  • stop virusscanner
  • no internet activity
  • as less programms in the background as possible (no spyware, etc)

All those things can help to make the burningsprocess a bit smoother.

Well burn a full disk and come back with a scan. Using the search about qualityscan / cdspeed tool won’t hurt you. Those things have been asked and explained many times.


The bulk firmware identifies with ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16, so the test was made on a Benq :).
@BDog: Save the image as .png file next time.


I’m also confused, does PIE mean anything…?


did not know that. thx for adding to my knowledge base. today wasn’t a complete waste after all. :bigsmile: spent the whole friggin day confirming that my 2nd 1620 is also a dud. last time i buy a benq product and the last time i buy hardware online. i’m sticking to brick and morter from now on. makes returns so much easier.

sorry for the off topic ramble…just needed to vent.


I turned off almost EVERY bckground program/service I could. I made sure everything was running in Ultra DMA mode. I didn’t use my system at all during this whole process.

I burned almost the entire disk and here is my output. Based on what you see, what is happening and is this a good burn? What recommendations do you have? Also, how do you remove jitter from your system?




The burn is passable. When a disc fails you’ll notice the green background on Nero CD/DVD Speed change from green to red where the spikes will end up. The PIE is a bit on the high side but totally acceptable. Overall, that disc is a keeper, shouldn’t be anything to worry about there. Jitter is a little higher than I’d like to see but even there since it’s a data disc it’s probably not an issue.

PIE’s should be below 280 to be passable (I like to see them under 100 but a spike at the end wouldn’t scare me much). PIF’s should stay below 16. I like to see them stay under 8 which your burn is without a problem. I worry more about PI Failures than anything and of course you never ever want ANY PO Failures or there is something terribly wrong either with the media / drive / computer setup itself.