1st scan of my friends' DVD

This is 1st scan of my friends’ DVD, the disc is not burn by me,
just scan. Actually, how to tell from the result to know it’s a
good burn or bad burn…? By what index…? PI/PIF/Curve…?

P.S.: I know CDFreaks use 4x scan speed as standard, but it take
too long, do 8x scan speed make a big different…?


Good scan slower would be a better scan. Scan a retail DVD and you will see what they look like.

Another scan of my friends DVD, not burn by me.

Still, how to tell from the result to know it’s a
good or bad burn…? By what index…? PI/PIF/Curve…?


This is another good scan, there is a forum on here of how to interpet the scans, here is the link.


usually the spikes you see in your scan are I think from burning speed shifts but you can usually ignore them and look at the rest.

Thanks rwarrin,

the link you give me is very useful, I am learning
somethings new today…!

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A Scan from Radius 4x DVD-R, Quite Cheap…!
How Good or Bad is it? Expert, please give comment…!


THe PIEs are a little higher than I personally like, but they’re still well within specs (under 280). The PIF level is perfectly fine, looks like a decent burn. BTW, that’s an interesting name for those discs. Odoroku series, odd way to spell it though. オド録 Must be a pun on 驚く :slight_smile:

Check out [thread=80545]this thread[/thread] about Interpreting PI/PO error scans. :wink:


Thanks for the link, I’ve already read it a day ago. I’m already
have some basic idea to figure out how good is a burn. Just ask
to confirm if my answer is the right answer!

Anyway, The FAQ for LiteOn & the OmniPatcher is very good &
informative. Thanks CodeKing for the effort…! :iagree:
You are A+++++++

Hi Two Degrees,

What does “オド録” mean in English…? Thanks…!

For more info, Please read this:

Thanks, but you should thank code65536 for the brilliant FAQs we now have in the Liteon and Recording hardware forums. :wink:

オド録 doesn’t really have a meaning (although the character “録” means “record”), but it’s pronounced “odoroku” which is the same way to say “驚く” which means “to be surprised”. I believe that’s on purpose.