1st post, need some advice, regarding my nec 3500ag

Hi to all,

after so many searches in google i managed to finally find this forum :slight_smile:

is regarding my NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG drive,
Firmware Revision 2.16 dated 23/07/2004. touch wood i never had any problems with this whatsoever, but my situation slightly changed now cause i will have to burn verbatim dual layer + discs for x360.

layerbreak for X360 is 1913760. please help me in telling me if i need to flash my drive ? if yes with what firmware and where to get it from ? im trying to save some money and get the job done whith what i already have, but if not possible with my nec, they say pioneer 111 is good with dual verbatims, but than again so many 111’s out there, which one is the better ?


Why do you post such things??

because i needed help, its obvious… and im a newbie here…

never mind.

Welcome to CDF’s:

chef was referring to [B]you posted your serial number[/B] which is not a good idea. Maybe a mod can delete it for you please.

Anyway what software are you using to burn your DL discs?
Sounds like ImgBurn? If so i read a post from the author (LUK) and he said to go with whatever the layer break number is when loading the image not to use a specific number all the time unless you are very experienced user.

sorry for the above stupidity of mine and thnx for trying to help me, i wanted to edit it but i cant…

Yeah you only get 30 mins to edit your posts here. Like i said maybe a mod with delete it for you. You might PM a moderator and see if they will remove it for you.

Sorry about the negative welcome to our forum. :sad:
rolling56 was helpful though.

First, position of layer break has nothing to do with firmware. Any drive able to burn dual layer discs is also able to burn with layer break exactly where you want it.
Buying a new drive wont change anything.

I don’t know anything about how to copy X360 discs, but I know how to put my layer break exactly where I want to have it. My favorite tool for this is PgcEdit and you can start to learn about it by reading this guide.

BTW, this is a software problem so you maybe better check out our software forum sections.

[I]Edit[/I] and off topic

Thanks Liggy for removing serial.
It’s just me or shouldn’t whole chef’s post be removed.

I just removed the drive’s serial number from the original post and chef’s reply

Thank You Guys :slight_smile:

after plenty of readings i have finally flashed my drive with optimized Liggy’s firmware 2.1b, so far so good… thnx again for ur support :slight_smile:


You’re right and I just removed the post. Without the serial number, chef’s post looked a little agressive although it probably wasn’t meant to be in first place.

Yes, nothing more or less.
How ever can this be “aggressive”? :confused:

You originally asked “Why do you post such things?”. Without noticing that the drive’s serial number was bold in your quote, it could sound like “why are you asking your questions here (and wasting our time)” not “why do you post your drive’s serial”.

I don’t think anyone wanted to allege you of being aggressive, but on first sight your post was a bit misleading. Maybe it would have been clearer if you just quoted the drive’s serial instead of the whole paragraph :wink:

I thought bolding the serial would be enough…

My bad, next time I’ll use the report button. :slight_smile:

I think just bolding may easily result in being overlooked by others. At least that’s what often happens to me :wink: