[1st Post] Liteon 1633 - Firmware Upgrade?

Hi folks,

This is probably a stupid question from a newbie but I’m going to ask anyway. I’ve got a Liteon dual layer 1633 burner and I’ve downloaded the latest firmware upgrade ok. However, I’m running XP Pro SP2 - and since the last time I flashed a dvd firmware upgrade when I was running Win.'98se, I’m convinced that it had to be done in a pure DOS Window yes/no? Not just a DOS box on the Windows desktop…

If so, how can I boot into DOS only as XP doesn’t have that option :o

So, can someone advise the simple way to get a DOS window on my machine OR can I do this firmware upgrade in a DOS box? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.



PS I have burnt a few dvd movies ok but I’m led to believe that a firmware upgrade will allow me to use a greater choice of media, make this drive ‘region free’ and give me faster burning. [ie, it says it’s 16x speed but I’ve only ever achieved between 6x - 8x speed] on DVD+Rs.

Hey and wellcome CDFs!

I have Lite-on drive (not a DVD burner tho) and when I flash the f/w a small lite-on app does it inside windows. But if you really want to get into DOS in XP heres how: during boot (before the XP splash screen) hit F8. This will give you a menu, pick “Command Prompt” or somthing like that (sorry can’t remeber off hand).


Have you unzipped the file? Is it a self-extracting file? It may have an installer included.
Yep I just downloaded, unzipped it and it has a builtin installer. Just click on it and probably need to reboot after. .

See, Bill gates told us DOS was dead! :wink:

I would start reading in this post:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=109986
there is a ton of good info here, and I bet it will answer your question. Good Luck.

Thanks folks,

Especially the link from pacmac, it looks like there’s enough in there to keep me busy for ages - I’m sure I’ll find what I’m looking for there. That was pretty quick replies guys, I’m impressed…!


You were spot on! I just installed it in windows desktop - v smooth, no problems at all. I’d assumed it was jumping into DOS, looking for correct BIN file and flashing from there. XP is light years away from those old '95/'98 days, it’s taken me a while to adjust.

I’m off to burn some various formats - hopefully, I’ll get some speedier burns now.

Thanks again! :bow: :slight_smile: