1st DVD copy movie playback stuttering

Hi just got a LG GSA-4040B DVD rewriter. Am new to all this, using Bulpaq orange X4 Gen 4.

ripped(DVD decrypt) then ran thru DVD2ONE, then nero v6.0.? when it finsished Nero said that burn process failed, focus error?

tried in set-top box and it played fine! but later on in the movie it stutters, and stops etc

what have I done wrong? Any help pls, as this is my first copy and don’t want to try any more for coasters!!

hope you can help

Hi loc-man

I dont know about the Nero part, but with the stuttering/stopping some of my friends experienced the same thing when the borrowed my backups.
Then I changed media and the problems went away.
Today I use TDK Scratchproof DVD-R 2X.

Hope this helps.

You have two likely culprits:

  1. The Bulkpaq media is not the most dependable in the world. Try to get some Riteks or branded ‘famous names’ discs.

  2. Nero - depending on the version you use - can let you down in great style when burning DVDs. I’ve seen consistently good reports for DVD2One + CopyToDVD. You might want to splash out on the latter for your burning requirements.


Thanks for the tips. I got CopyToDVD and tried that. It seems to have worked o the same bulkpaq media.

I also went a DVD+RW (Mirror) what I thought is until I get a good media (and cheap) write the movie to the RW, test it and then write it to DVD-R, obviously longer but for now…?..

I understand that getting better media will be better but also more expensive!

Is there any utility to test a DVD once written? eg to check for errors on the disk etc, I know nero can verify the data (thats what gave me the error) but CopyToDVD didn#t give any

what solutions do you guys use for DVD backup? what gets the best results?


well tried it again and it seemed to work but again have stuttering although doesnt seem as bad when used copytodvd.

I have burned it on the mirro DVD+RW and there doesn’t seem to be any stuttering, do you think that it is the bulpaq media doing this then?

why would it do this on one media and not another?


Your residual problem is now almost certainly your choice of media.

You’ll find if you continue to browse these forums that some users have unkindly (if not inaccurately) renamed BulkPaq, BulkCrap… You appear to have found out why!:wink:

I’m not sure where you’re located, but in the UK Ritek 4X DVD-R blanks can be had for less than £1 ($0.60) each. Not too expensive I’d have thought. You’ll recognise them, if not by name, by their deep purple dye.

The reason one brand of media is better than another is - as with most things - due to care in manufacture and quality assurance. It makes them a fraction more expensive initially, but probably cheaper in the long run when you find you’re making fewer coasters, if any.


Hi loc-man

Have a look at this thread .It will help you a lot

Yeah … lose the Bulkcraps :smiley:
They are really bad news … just get some Ritek G04’s and your problems will go away, as if by magic :wink: