1st burner set up questions

I just received my Lite on 165h6s oem today. It shipped yesterday from NJ, and arrived in Maryland today . Good job New egg. Everything was free shipping also.

I am a little scared on the install, but I guess I will just match the settings of the drive it is replacing (master, slave etc). This is my 1st DVD burner

The drive came with a Nero Suite disc;
dos driver, nero express 6.6, nero vision express 3, nero back it up, dvd r/w manual


powerDVD 6 disc.

My computer already has Nero 6 ultra edition.

Does anyone know if the OEM disc wil be a downgrade from the nero 6 Ultra I already have?

should I even install the power dvd disc?

Just matching the drive it is replacing is usually fine, although some drives/systems end up needing a particular setup to work best. Regarding the version of Nero that came with your drive, I would not even mess with it since you already have Nero 6 Ultra. PowerDVD, that’s your call, I would not bother but if you plan on watching DVDs on your computer alot, maybe you’ll be interested in trying it. I’m sure there are at least a couple of programs on your computer that can play your discs already though.

Also make sure you use 80-wire ribbon cable (your old drive may have used 40-wire) and check DMA is enabled in Device Manager before you start burning discs (linky).

Finally, update your Nero 6 Ultra to the latest version ( Good luck!

DMA was ok.

Does the ribbon have 40 or 80 written on it or can you tell just by looking at it?


My nero ultra 6 does not have any DVD functions. It will not even give me an option to burn to dvd. No light scribe either.

Maybe I got the CD Burner version?

Does the ribbon have 40 or 80 written on it or can you tell just by looking at it?
No. Nothing will be written on it. You can usually make out by just looking at the cable. 80 wire cable will have really thin conductors and blue and grey colored connectors.
My nero ultra 6 does not have any DVD functions. It will not even give me an option to burn to dvd. No light scribe either.Maybe I got the CD Burner version?
Not likely. I’m not aware of a CD Burner only version for Nero (in my opinion). Do you get an option like this when you hit ‘New Compilation’? Sorry, this is Nero 7, but I remember something similiar in Nero 6.

You can tell by looking at them.
A 40 wire cable (40 pin connector) has quite chunky looking wires. It’s comparable to your Floppy drive cable.
An 80 wire cable (still a 40 pin connector) looks quite fine.

As to Nero’s DVD/CD options see above post

I found the dvd tab, thanks. I see all of the dvd functions now.

Included with my drive was one wire. The only place it would fit is in the slot marked analog audio. Do I need to use this cable?

Will my DVD Burner work with 40 wire cable and just be slower or does it have to have 80?

Nah, that wire is useless. You can safely dispose it in the trash :slight_smile: 80 wire cable is HIGHLY recommended. You may run into a lot of problems later (not just with speed) if you use a 40 wire cable.

And ensure that UDMA is enabled for your IDE channels. This is very very important.

No longer required.

Windows XP transfers cd audio digitally down the IDE cable & processes them.

The only time this would ever be useful, is if your drive has a “play” button & you commonly want to play audio cd’s through your speakers hooked upto your sound card. This analogue audio will bypass the digital aspects of your PC (hence requiring no CPU time) and go straight to your speaker output.
Drive’s tend to have pretty crappy audio filtering circuits though.

Thanks for all of the help so far.

I am burning dvd’s. I am trying to figure out the lightscribe thing. I am sure I can work through it.

I still don’t know what ribbon I have. I assume it is 40. It looks the same as my floppy ribbon. It is different then my harddrive ribbon.

I am looking into buying 80 ribbon, it seems like an easy change.

Are you sure 80 is going to make a difference in my computer. Maybe it does not have the ability to take advantage of 80. Maybe it is maxed out at 40?

With 40-wire, your drive will max at UDMA2 data transfer speed, 80-wire gives you UDMA4. It’s the same type your hard disk uses, so your PC can take advantage of it. Since it doesn’t cost a bunch and is easy to install…

To be able to use LightScribe you’ll need to install a “driver”, which can be a bit tricky since there’s so many versions around from different websites (LightScribe, Nero, Surething,…). If you didn’t get a software CD with your drive, you’ll have to download and install this first.

I would suggest then that the HD ribbon is 80 wire (still 40 pin) and your Optical drive ribbon is only 40 wire, as generally floppy cables are the same guage & look as a 40wire IDE cable. The signalling rate is so low, they don’t need the earth wires between.

The difference between an 80 wire cable & the 40 wire cable is that the 80 wire cable has an earthing wire between each data wire, which prevents cross-talk (magnetically induced signals) between wires. This allows a significantly increased signal rate, hence higher data throughput.

Given that your HD is already using an 80 wire conductor cable, your computer already has the capability to use an 80 conductor cable.

And in fact even the oldest computer using standard IDE can use an 80 wire cable, if not benefit from it.


Is this what I want to get?


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