1st Burn works on PC, not on DVD player

I just received my first DVD burner after scouring this forum for weeks. My first burn attempt was to backup Friday Night Lights.

I used CloneDVD 3 with DVD-R media and chose to burn the movie only. I then got rid of all the foreign languages.

After a successful burn, I was able to play the DVD in Windows Media Player. It looked and sounded great. I tried it on a JVC and a Sony stand alone DVD player and it wouldn’t play at all. The panel just showed “16” in one player and “T 16” in the other.

Since the video and sound worked flawlessly on the computer, I would guess the burn was successful, but I must have left something out that the stand alone players needed to recognize it. What have I done wrong?

What kind of Dvd’s are you using? What’s the mid code? You can try a different media…Something else you can try to do is depending on the burner you have look into is the bitsetting and changing it to DVD-rom.

Tell us whatyou are using as in disk, burner/firmware etc.

NEC 3520A with factory firmware. I’m not sure what bitsetting does, but I’ve read that I’ll have to flash with some firmware from Liggy and Dee to enable it.

I don’t have the best media. It’s Memorex CMC Mag AE1. On VideoHelp.com, I found that this media worked with both my DVD players. Since it played on the PC, I would imagine it is compatible with the burner too.

Edit: It’s the best I could do on short notice. I’ll have to order media if I want something better.

what speed did you burn at. Sometimes on crappy media, if you burn slower, it works a little better. Other times the standalones just won’t read crap. I’ve pretty much gone from burning -r’s to burning all +r and bitsetting to
-rom. Haven’t had a single problem since.

Your problem is that you used CloneDVD 3. It is not an ideal software, to put it mildly. Try the genuine CloneDVD software, you can download a trial here: www.slysoft.com

Always use good media (TY, Fuji, RICOH, etc.) and burn at a low speed.

With what alex thyl said you can get the original CloneDvd (i over looked that) or try Dvd Decryptor and Dvd Shrink also both are freeware at http://doom9.net

I didn’t realize I didn’t have the genuine CloneDVD. I’ve used CloneCD for years, so my first thought was to try their DVD software. I typed in “CloneDVD” and found the imposter version right off the bat. I’ll try Slysoft’s version and report back. I’ll also order some decent +R media in the next few days.

I installed the new beta of the real CloneDVD. Upon trying to copy the movie, it told me the disk was copy protected. The other CloneDVD didn’t tell me. I installed the new beta of AnyDVD and it made a good disk. The cheap Memorex (CMC) media worked fine on both of my stand alone DVD players.

My next step is to flash the NEC drive and get rid of riplock!

Thats good that it worked for you! If you dont want to have to buy another program get Shrink and Decryptor in the link above they are just as good.

Not all cheap media is all that bad but when you are wanting something for long term it is still better to go with TY’s and Ridata. They will last a lot longer were as with the cheaper/lower class media you will notice pixelation, skipping, frezzing etc over a period of time.

I’ll try Shrink and Decryptor. CloneDVD and AnyDVD are awesome, so if they are just as good, I’ll be super happy! I’m already looking for deals on good media.