1st 5-7 seconds of a back-up



Is there a way to change the “5-7 seconds of the black screen” when you 1st play the back-up?
I just started using CloneDVD today and made 3 back-ups, everything came out great no problems.

Just that the 1st few seconds all you see is a black screen, it’s a bit annoying looking at a black screen for 7 seconds… lol

Any ideas on what I can do? Thanks guys.


Select Clone DVD mode. Only put a check mark next to the main movie (longest playing time). This will remove all the other extras in the movie. You can do the same with the audio portion. Select only AC 3/6 or 3/2 if 3/6 is not available in the language of choice. Add the subtitle that you want and burn.


Ok thanks, I’ll give that a try.