1gig of sdram

Im looking for non-ecc sdram, you know the cheaper stuff. I would like to find a site offering some cheap 1 gig sticks of pc133 sdram. My motherboard supports up to 3 gigs so i figure go crazy right?

I shop here
(this is an Australian site) if they don’t have what you want i guess they could order it in for you

256 SD-RAM at the moment is $90


If you are looking for older, slower, semi-obsolete memory of a quantity that can’t be supported by any Windows operating system but WinXP/2000/NT (and even then is generally unnecessary for a single user setup), then this is the deal for you.:cool:

Just because your motherboard supports 3 GB of RAM doesn’t mean that you will get any practical benefit from it. See How Much Memory Do You Need?. :wink:

BTW, a Crucial 1 GB stick of PC-133 CL3 168 pin DIMM is $275 and only comes in the ECC registered version. A 512 MB stick of CL2 (superior) Unbuffered Non-parity is $58.

ok, i looked at the link and saw tha tit said for heavy graphics design and editing 2gb and up. Would the amount of ram have anything to do with how fast a movie is encoded into divx. Right now ive got 3 sticks of 128. Or is it just pointless to go with more?

I also do alot of gaming. I also run about 5-7 apps at the same time. At what point does it become overkill and non-beneficial?

If i bought a stick of 512mb, and took out one of my 128 sticks, would that be adequate?

You can’t use 1 GB pieces anyway, unless your mobo supports registered memory (lots of mobos support 1 GB per piece, but only unbuffered, for the chance that, one day in the distant future, 1 GB unbuffered pieces become available)

so would you reccomend i buy just one stick of 512?

At that price, take 2x512 :slight_smile:

ok thanks

I’ve 1 Gb of PC800 RD-RAM in two P4 PC’s and my experience is, that I’m only using it when making huge video-edits on Adobe Premiere with transitions, multiple video/audio tracks, huge numbers of individual clips etc.
That was also the main reason why I upgraded from 512MB RD to 1024RD, because Premiere took the whole 512MB, so I couldn’t even burn cd’s while editing. (well I could, but I noticed Nero was reacting slower :))

So I guess of you’re not in to editing video or something similar, you won’t really see much difference in performance.

well i do work with video in the sense of encoding to divx, but i don’t think ram increases performance on that, its all processor right?

Encoding is CPU related, indeed. You do need a basic amount of memory off course, but there’s no real difference between 256MB or 512MB I guess

ok well i’ll buy myself a stick of 512 just to make sure i have enough and then i won’t need anymore. Thanks guys

CPU and chipset combinations are the prime performance indicators for DivX encoding. DivX encoding is a totally different application than the RAM intensive video encoding that Wannes is doing.

Although the RAM is fairly inexpensive, I don’t think you’ll notice a performance difference between 512 MB and 1,024 MB. 1,024 MB would probably be overkill and I would start with 512 MB and save the money or spend it on something else.

It’s indeed overkill , extra memory will not add value to number crunching processes. It will however be useful to memory extensive applcations such as lots of big Office documents and video editiing software that can actually grab all that memory.

I’ve got 1.5 Gig of ram in my system and seldom see the memory usage go over the 450 megs.