1GB test download on a Gigabit Internet connection

I did some testing with a Gigabit fibre Internet connection, which runs on the SIRO network here in Ireland. The connection tested has a 200Mbps uplink. A symetric Gigabit link is a higher end business package.

It’s one thing seeing Ookla:

It’s another watching a 1GB file download start to finish… :sunglasses:

Makes my rural home connection look like a :turtle:


Sweet I want it :smile::cry:

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We’ve an 8.5 Gigabit connection at the moment in work but then we’ve 3,000 staff.

I’m not quite sure how that’s currently achieved but we’ll soon be installing our own Full Fibre to the Premises (FFTTP) network right across the city, that the experts tell me is pretty much unlimited with regard to future capacity