1GB memory stick with memory not useable

Hi all,
I’ve got a 1GB memory stick that I’ve used every now an again for moving files around.
Today I tried to move a 700MB avi file, and get a message that the destination drive is full.
In windows I don’t see any files on the stick at all - and see 1010MB in FAT.

In Linux it tells me 717.2MB have been used up - but I can see anything on the drive at all.

Anyone have any ideas what I can do to free up the storage space?

Simple solution: Reformat the drive which will remove everything and give you a fresh and (almost) empty filesystem. If there are files on the drive that you need, save them somewhere else before formatting the drive and put them back afterwards.

Complex solution: Look for hidden files and folders and delete them, and perform a CHKDSK (Windows), FSCK (Unix/Linux) or whatever the disk/filesystem checking/repairing tool is called on your OS to reclaim any wasted space due to filesystem problems.

Hi Drage - I’m going to go for the reformat I think.
I’ve just been using a range of tools in Win and Linux… and can’t find anything at all.
I even checked whether I’d set something up as root in linux and had denied myself permission to access the file structure… but no… not that either.

I’m quite perplexed :confused: but then, I don’t know too much about memory sticks. :wink:

Reformat time :iagree: