1GB Gmail Not Enough For You? Try A 100GB Account

And you thought Google’s 1-GByte Gmail was big: Hellacious Riders, an online motorcycle magazine, announced that it launched a 100-GByte Email service to its users. The firm extended its offer with a challenge to THG readers for a 1000 GByte account.

Not everything is just about size. But when it comes to email, size was the single one topic which caused frenzy among providers as soon as Google had announced its one GByte Gmail service. A perfect tool to keep users on its site and to increase advertising exposure, the search engine forced other portals such as Yahoo and Lycos to step up their inbox sizes.

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This is getting silly now. OK my 2mb hotmail account was to small so when there upgraded to 100mb thanks to GMail I was over the moon. But 100GB comeon who is going to use 1GB let alone 100GB.

No way could you fill an Inbox that size.

I’m quite happy with a 100Mb account. Although 250Mb would mean i’ll probably never run out. I’d like to see the storage capable of supplying accounts that size though :slight_smile:

100GB! OMG teh massive ammounts of SPAM that can fit! Enlarged penises galore!

im happy with my 2GB hotmail :slight_smile:

Wahoo, more room for my p0rn collection. Time to sign up for some more Yahoo Groups. :wink:

//what the heck?! this is not the living room. what am i doing here? :eek:

I guess it would be usefull if you were storing images of backup?? I can’t see any other way besides tens of thousands of mp3s, but then again, who has that many even??? :confused:

I see no use for this…c’mon. Half the peeps that would use it, would be putting back-ups that break the tos. And then have the balls to bitch…hey man…you deleted my account, and all my files…:slight_smile:

I do have a gmail, kinda like it. My ISP gives me a 2gb main box with up to 10 sub accounts for family and the like 250mb ea. This is getting crazy.

What I want is cheap terabyte drives…not a free terabyte, somebody looking over my shoulder, inbox…lol

Ok, so it’s not a terabyte…1/10th a terabyte…but still :slight_smile:

what is the point, it not exactly like you can upload your image files, it would take days, also at the moment i have a 2GB per day download limit, and when i get the 1MB broadband i can only download 1GB a day (well 30GB a month). im happy with my 600MB web hosting, i only bought that 'coz the cdfreaks attachment limit was tiny and so i host all the cdfreaks images i post there.

ben :slight_smile:

2gb gmail-spanish-copy