1gb Crucial Ballistix PC3200 CAS2 @ 2.8V Nice OC RAM $32.49 shipped AR

For those that are still using PC-3200 (still using NFORCE, NFORCE2, NFORCE3, NFORCE4 or socket 939 and older in general, and socket 478 for P4, this is a nice deal for you: Quality RAM, good overclocking, superfast for $32.49 shipped after $70 MIR @ Newegg

It’s too bad the rebate is so big. I would really like some but I don’t do the rebate thing anymore. I’d buy 3 or 4 gig if there wasn’t a rebate (even if the price was a little higher).

Why do you need so much old ram ripit. Newer systems, mostly use DDR2, and DDR2 is dirt cheap these days. You can get X2 3800 board and cpu for less than $100 at frys and 2 gb of ddr2 ram is around $80. Saw the X2 4400+ with ECS board at frys last week for $119

I got an athlon xp2400 (hasen’t been overclocked in years, runs on an ecs board now), athlon xp2500 (as overclocked as I can get it, water cooled, being held back by the motherboard, already volt moded, will mod further if I ever get time), an athlon 64 3000 (jumped the gun on price drops from conroe rumors, should have waited) with an abit board (older generation that doesn’t support x2 but I got it for 29$ and it overclocks pretty good), and an e6300 that is still running the pos ecs fry’s combo board. It supports ddr1 or 2, but performance is such crap, why not just use ddr1 that I got). So the 64 3000 and the xp2500 are the candidates for fast ddr1 ram. Both are as overclocked as I can get them, and are being held back by ram. I haven’t brought myself to pay the price for a good board for the 6300 yet. I cannot afford it and dont want it unless it can massively overclock, and the ones that can are still quite expensive (that I know of). More ddr1 ram not only give me more ram (I’m a bit short for all 4 computers), plus beter overclocking. things might change though, the xp 2500 blew a water cooling leek (months back). I just go a new pump a few days ago, so well see if my beloved abit nf7-s is fryed (more beloved now, because its almost more fun to massively mod/overclock to get a lot more speed, that it is to just buy something fast, and now its worth so little, I’m not risking much, and the really dangerious mods can be done if I ever get time).

Fyi. can you tell I don’t have state of the art computers, but I have piles of older computer equipment to play with (and its more fun)?

WoW, you have a lot of old toys to play with. My dad system is still running P4 2.8E and I am using the Kingston HyperX ram for him, 2x512mb but never as good as the crucial ballistix. I built a friend with X2 3800+ socket 939 stepping 6 processor, with Asus NFORCE4 board, Overclock with crucial ram nicely. I am thinking of upgrading my dad computer at the end of summer, still debating since socket 939 X2 processor is still very expensive because I am still having the ECS NFORCE4 motherboard unused at home and since it still uses DDR1, thinking of recycling the Kingston HyperX, and since my dad only uses his computer for burning, I just need a cheapy video card. His system is currently running GForce 5700 video card, the socket 939 ECS board uses PCI-E.