1ClicktoIPOD Updated V1.1.1.4

[LEFT] 8, 2007) Lowered the volume level to improve playback from music DVDs. 7, 2007) Fixes a bug which caused some data to be lost on some DVDs like “Hairspray”. Also corrects the zoom ratios when using “Widescreen movie in Fullscreen format” option. 30, 2007) This is a major update of 1CLICK DVDTOIPOD which allows the software to read DVDs with corrupt file systems on DVDs like “Hairspray”, “El Cantante”, “Full of it”, and “Blade - House of Chthon”.

If you are using DVD43 as your decrypter, we also recommend you get the latest version of DVD43 (version 4.0) to avoid decryption errors on some newer DVD movies.

We also added a new (right click popup) option to disable some software DVD players which come preinstalled on the DVD (like “Interactive Media Player”) which start up when you first insert a DVD and may interfere with the reading of the DVD.
We have improved the reading of RW DVDs and backup DVDs as well.
Subtitles are now much clearer now.
An updated version of MEncoder has been included.
Fixed a bug which could cause some DVDs to have missing data at the start of the movie.
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