Hi, I am seeking information on a problem I have just began to have. I just switched from dvd43 to anydvd. I am using 1clickdvdcopy, when I insert a dvd into the dvd writer drive it says required compression like always along with the % and then it doesn’t start copying like it used to. I will just say required compression and freeze for a few minutes and then says… 1clickdvd titleset not found" Please help me with this problem… I have deleted all remenants of dvd43… Please help>> I am going NUTS

Have you removed everything from the registry?

[B]How do I remove everything from the registry?

just helped some one else out with the same problem… no responce yet http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=176725

I have no idea what to do. I hate using dvd shrink because it takes too long…

just follow what i have put and you should be ok

Go to run, and type in regedit. First click file --> export, and select all, and save registry settings in your my documents file Then push f3 and type in dvd43. Wait until it finishes searching, and hopefully a folder will come up under the name of dvd43. Delete this and reboot your system. Then try again.

You wont have to use shrink :wink:

Check your source and destination drives, see if they have changed. Try reinstalling 1Click over itself.