Can someone explain to me How to use the keygen program that will allow me to use my copy of 1clickdvdcopy v4.2.0.9. I have the keygen for this version.


@ damica,

It appears that you are extremely naive visiting this Forum and asking how to use pirated illegal software.

I suggest contacting 1ClickDVDCopy (http://www.1clickdvdcopy.com) and asking them how to use your illegal pirated KeyGen. I am sure that 1ClickDVDCopy will be more than helpful in assisting you to use an illegal pirated copy of their software.

Wish you luck and hope you enjoy your jail time.

Best Regards,


nah not jail time, bust a pissed of email reply.

ben :slight_smile:


I am sorry that I have offended some of the people that use this forum. I guess None of you have ever used an Illegal copy of anything. (One of your friends ever give you a copy of a music CD/Cassett tape). I have found that through-out my 53 years of life, that most people who cast the first stone or usually the worst. Please forgive me! I will not use this forum again, as I can see I am not welcome here!


Amen to that


Well I am guilty for one.
Its not that we DONT do it, its that to stop the forum getting in legal trouble such things cant be discussed in the open.

Ben :slight_smile:


Gosh, bcn you didn’t have to be that honest. HaHa.


thread locked for obvious reasons. user warned.