1clickdvdcopy problem

I’m using 1ClickDVDCOPY4.2 & have used it several times to backup commercial DVDs to a single DVD. It’s worked great. BUT…I have a home recorded episodic DVD that has only five 30 minute shows on it. I guess because I dinked with the recorder settings, they (the files) ended up larger than the normal DVD files, so I can’t do a straight copy, in order to make copies. No problem, I figure, I’ll just use 1Click. BUT…after running 1Click on it & loading it into a player, it won’t play - it’s as though the disc is blank (it’s not - you can see differences between it & a non-burned disc). No menus. No shows. Just a black screen. (It appears to actually ‘load’ fine, since the DVD players don’t show any error message.) I loaded it onto 2 stand alones AND my computer & all three react the same way. I DID say it was an episodic disc, when 1 Click asked the question. Any idea what’s going on?

PS - media I’m using is always brand name - this disc is Ritek.

Thanks, in advance!

PS - sorry if this is a duplicate - each time I try to post, I either get an error page or a page saying this is a duplicate posting…but it doesn’t show up on the message board…???

YAY - if finally posted!!! :slight_smile: