1ClickDVDCopy - Cons

Burnt DVD’s won’t play on all DVD players. They don’t play on my Panasonic. :disagree:

If you lose your Activation Code and you purchased the product over a year prior to that. 1ClickDVD will ask you to pay more to unlock the new version. They will not give you the code for the old one. So after a year it’s pretty useless :a

Never buy software with “product activation”.
Never buy software with “product activation”.
Never buy software with “product activation”.
Never buy software with “product activation”.

There a many good (and cheap) alternatives for 1click. elby CloneDVD2 together with AnyDVD is just one example.

I may be able to help with this

First -
1ClickDVDCopy has it’s own Support Forum
You may find it here
It may be quicker to get responses at the LGSI Forum

  • although Forum Members do look over to this forum from time to time .

OK - Your Media issue .
I would say this is simply a Media Format Compatibility Issue

You’re using either +Rs or -Rs

  • and they are not supported by your Panasonic Player .

If you post a recent session from your >>F8 log
I can Compare your Media and Your Burner
and suggest a plan of action
In most cases the solution is “Book-Typing” DVD+Rs to DVD-ROM

  • If your Burner supports "Bit-Setting"
    I’ll need your Burner Make and Model to look up the possibilities .
    Your log post will provide this information

As far as your Registration Activation issue .
I need some Info and maybe I can help with this .

What version of 1ClickDVDCopy
do you have presently installed ?
and which version was - last installed-activated - on your Computer ?
4.2. [B]?[/B] . [B]?[/B]
Was it ?

Do you have your Registration ID ,
as provided at the time of purchase ?
( from you post , I’m thinking you do )

You may respond Here or over at the LGSI Forum
I will try to help - the best I can


Thanks for your help.

My Panasonic will play the same DVD’s (MTV DVD-R’s) when they are burnt using “CopyTo DVD”. When I use 1ClickDVD I get error messages. So it’s not the media. IClickDVD will play on my AWA but not the Panasonic.

I will find out the Version of 1ClickDVD and get back to you.
Thanks again. Jean

Burnt once, never again! :disagree:
Thanks for your advice, will give the others a go.
Regards Jean

What Panasonic player? They play fine in my DMR ES20. And Samsung,RCA,Toshiba players

To check the Version - Open 1Click >> F2
in older versions > Click on the “?”

If the Log is still available
Post a log session or two
>> F8 ( or in v4.2 >> F7 )
It would help if the sessions were the back-ups in question
Look for Session Started / Session Closed
To divide the individual sessions .

Do you have the “TRY SAO First” option checked
IF not - Try checking this

By “Not Playing” what exactly do you mean -

  • Does anything happen ?
  • Does the Player read “Unable to Read Disc ?”/“No Disc”
  • Does it Start at all ?

Which Decrypter are you using ? Which Version is it ?


Panasonic DMR ES30V. Combo, DVD burner/VHS.
Error “This disc is incompatible”.
I downloaded AnyDVD and got error messages there too.
Was directed to a site to download files. Not had time to sort that out. Regards Jean

Thats the same DVR as mine just with VCR built in. Don’t see why they should not play in it.