1ClickDVD/DVD43 problem

Hi, I have been burning dvd’s successfully for some time with these two programs. Howevre in the past 2 days I have encountered the same issue twice. The face in DVD43 goes all demonic and stays there and says “DVD matches drive region. Use key exchange to get title”
I have checked on this and other forum sites but there is no explanation as to how to fix. I do have the latest versions of both and have set the region correctly.
Can any one help,

Are you running another Ripper in the background that may interfere with DVD43?

No CCRomeo, Not that I am aware of. I downloaded DVD Decrypter when I first experienced this problem but still was unable to make it work. I have also tried it on my other computer with the same result.
Just as an after thought, it doesn’t happen on all DVD’s only on two so far.

As far as I know DVD43 is outdated for new releases, a replacement ripper may be in order think about a free trial of AnyDVD, Aimersoft DVD Ripper, Moyea DVD Ripper…

[I]Please let us know how you make out.[/I]

Hey CCRomeo,
I guess your not just a pretty face! Tried AnyDVD and it worked. Thanks for that.

LOL :bigsmile: pretty face, I was never called that before :slight_smile:

1Click is maybe the only program that will work with DVD43 and thats due to the author of 1Click writing his own code (CPRx) to make up for the shortfalls of DVD43. Having said that I agree that with AnyDVD running in the background 1Click will work nicely everytime. You might want to disable CPRx from within 1Click as it will not be needed with AnyDVD.

kipper thanks for your input :slight_smile:

You bet ya CCRomeo or should I say “pretty face” LOL.

Ben…I have that same combination, 1ClickDVD and AnyDVD. Do you play the dvd on a home / TV DVD player? and if so what brand DVD player do you have? Or do you just play them on the computer? Have you watched a moveie from start to finish? What media are you using, brand and + or - R? My burned movies stop about halfway through. I don’t think it is the software I am using(1Click and AnyDVD) but rather some other piece or combination of “stuff”