1click vs clonedvd(slysoft)

Hello my first post on this forum and I hope t continues to get higher:)

anyways, after reading around I came down to 1click and clonedvd slysoft. For anyone that owns either of these 2 products mind sharing your experience? With that I also have a couple of questions too.

  • I know 1click cant split DVD9 into 2 DVD5’s whice sucks, while Clone DVD can. Is the 1click compression any good and still keep its quality close or next to a 2 DVD5’s?

  • Clone DVD is able to split DVD9 into 2 DVD5’s, how is the quality?

  • Both support DVD+/- R DL buring abilities right?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Forgot to add in the previous post and I couldnt find the EDIT button, but what I am using as of right now is DVDxCopy Platinum and DVD Cloner III(my buds)

If you split? Like the original, because no compression is done.
But one simple thing to consider: 1click has product activation. Don’t buy it.

i own both of these and they are both great products 1clicks compression and quality is good and is real simple to use and now even works with dvd43 …support is excellent also

clonedvd2 is great also and as a few extra added features like including wide screen or 4:3 another great function of clone is if it hits a bad sector you can even remove the disc give it a wipe re-insert it and continue where you left of as long as this cures the problem … a great idea if the disc is mucky/dusty…

dont forget these both have a free trial period USE IT :iagree:

dont forget anydvd too this being the best tool available in its department :cool:
but be advised if you have dvd43 on your pc and install anydvd i would remove all traces of dvd43, as this will work with all the softwares and dvd43 does have limits :wink: