1Click reg/Pro updated

Ther is an update for 1Click regular and for 1Click Pro.
Get it here. www.lgsoftwareinnovations.com/download.asp

[B]I think you will find its only the pro version that has recently been updated…[/B]

Also, going on previously read posts from the 1Click forum over the last month or so I believe that there will be a major update for the regular 1Click version soon, but I’m not all that certain, perhaps some of you beta testers out there could fill us in on the progress?

Yes you are right homer. :slight_smile:

Very soon there will be a major update to 1ClickDVDCopy. It will be V5. It will have many new features that will make it one of the best backup programs on the market, not that it isn’t already, but I am sure people will like it alot, and yes I have been beta testing it for about 3 months.

Allan, I did not know you are a beta tester. I know it just had an update but is there any beta testing going with Pro? Any major changes, say in the next three months? Is 1CickDVDCopy going to incorporate some of the Pro features?

coodbe your eveywhere a new version of one click dvd copy ver 5 imagine the possibilities maybe a big pro update too! fingers crossed katcan > :bigsmile: :bigsmile: can you!

Yes, I have been a beta tester since the beginning.

That is good. I will pay special attention to your posts. About how many registered users of the LG forum are beta testers?

Maybe 10 that I know of. I have beta tested all LGs products for awhile now. The new V5 of 1ClickCopy will be a big release. Look forward to it.

Can you tell me if it will include the ability to delete specific title sets? Thank you for counsel and expertise.

I for one cannot wait to see the new version of one click dvd copy ver.5 hope its more than I expect mustburn

Where is it?

The V5 is complete, it is just a matter of loading it to the servers I believe.

Thank you again. I can’t wait to see what it is all about.

The update is taking its time!

Well you can get it on Monday the 24/7/06
I hope it is as good as some say it will be. :clap:

:sad: If you care to read the thread below on the 1Click forum you will find that if you have recently purchased the latest v4.2.9.13 regular 1ClickDVD Copy software within 1 year then the upgrade/updates to the long awaited v5 will be free, but for everyone else who bought the software longer than 12 months ago you will have to pay $19 for 1 years support and updates from LG for a year. I’m not sure about the pro version though, perhaps someone else out there knows anything different? Any Comments… :confused:


It’s sort of like the annual subscriptions to Symantec for live update or the upgrade price you pay for Microsoft, Nero, or most other software when a new version comes out. Something has to pay the bills at LG and keep development underway. Not sure what the situation will be with Pro or 1ClickDvxtoDVD, but I would imagine the same sort of thing is in the works.

I downloaded 1clickDVD vs. 5 today and honestly I could not see any difference. They must have made the changes internally because it looks and acts exactly like

So I will use the trial version until it expires and that will be it for 1clickDVDCopy Vs. 5 for me. I’m not paying $19.95 for the upgrade when it looks and acts exactly like the one I have now. When becomes obsolete …so long 1Click. (PS. My 1 year was up in May… That would amount to $80 for the software in little more than a year, which I think it pricey as hell.

Version 5 will tell you how much compression is needed before clicking on start also when you right click on the GUI you can make changes there to the burnning speed and other things.