1click Options

Too keep special feartures or not too keep. That is the question. I’m curious about you guys/gals preferences when burning with 1click and why.

to be able to copy one has to have the original so, why would anyone add more compression, and thus decrease quality picture, by keeping menus and other crap when you can watch that stuff in the original. main movie only is my way.

1clickdvd/ main movie-only/english languaje only/subtitles= great picture quality.

We had been just talking of this a couple threads back …

More Options = More Compression


You could always copy the extras onto a second disc. That way reducing the compression on the main movie disc.

For me it depends on the compression size. I try to stay around or below 10% compression.

Sorry to double up on similar questions but I was only curious about other 1click users personal preferences. I guess it does double up on the issue of compression though. My appologies.

I use OneClick and other proggys but I only use the movie only mode unless there is something really special other than the movie on the disc. (The extras are usually crap) Sometimes I include the menus.