1Click-Leave movie on HDD?

Is there a way to leave a movie on a HDD from the copy process? Copying went perfect for me, but I’d like to have it on my HDD as well. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :bow:

Not really sure why you would want to do this, but one method would be to make another copy of the movie but this time change the destination to a folder of your liking.

Aha… Good Idea. I just want to be able to burn another one if I need too. Thanks for the tip.

You can make copies of copies. You don’t necessarily need to keep a copy on your hard drive. After a while, your hard drive would be so filled up, you’ll run out of space.

its always a good idea to be able to leave the movie on the hdd until after you try it out. That way if there is a prob you can re burn on different settings. It might be why there are hdd available with 200gb !
Other burning software have the option as a standard. Strange 1 click hasn’t gone that way

You can verily easily do this .
Create a folder - rename it whatever you like .
Now choose this ‘designated’ folder as your Destination ,
( select ‘hard-drive folder’ option in the Destination drop-down , direct to folder )
The ‘movie’ will remain in this folder until deleted
To burn , select ‘designated’ folder as Source
with your burner as Destination .

I knew there was an easier way than what I suggested, just wasn’t sure how to go about it.
Thanks Shannon

That should work. Thanks.