1click help

I have 1clickpro and dvd 43 and when I put in a disc it says its encrypted. I thought thats what dvd43 took care of ? Does any body know what I am doing wrong?

What version of 1ClickDVDCopy/PRO are you using ?

Also , with the newest version of PRO ,
Are you also using the latest version of DVD43 ? v3.9.0 ?

DVD43 = http://www.dvd43.com/
When using DVD43 - You must enable CPRx
( right click menu )


What version of DVD43 do you have??

The latest is 3.9.0 and you really need this to keep up with the newer movies.

Also what version of 1click do you have??

since v2.2.1.8 1lick included CPRx technology which helps with newer problem dvd’s

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