1click dvd

when i use 1click when it gets ready to copy it keeps saying not enough disk space even though it is a new blank disk help

make sure you havent got dual layer DL checked

for a more fast response on 1click software you could try the forum http://www.dvdrextreme.com/vb/

checked not marked its like it cannot find the burner

does this happen when you click start?

if it does then at this point 1click is talking about space on your hdd. check where your working folder is set for within options and then check there is enough free space on your hdd. you should have at least 10gb free.

is it when 1click is about to start burning? - were you asked if you wanted to make an exact copy after you click on start? if you were then you should probably answer no to this and this might fix the problem.

also what version are you using? we are currently up at and i seem to remember a while back some others were have a similar problem with an older version.