1click dvd pro and anydvd

I have purchased 1Click DVD Pro and found out I needed AnyDVD to work with my windows 7 64bit.
I have both programs installed but cannot figure out how to use them together. I put a dvd movie into the player on my laptop but cannot get 1 click dvd to read it.Any help would be appreciated. I am not good with computer knowledge.Thanks!

You start Anydvd first, then install the disc. Anydvd should have a little icon on the bottom that will change from light red to solid red. In the options you can set it to pop up with information that its done its thing each time you put in a disc. Then start whatever other program your using to do the transcoding and burning.

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Thanks for your response!!
I tried that, now when I insert the disk, the 1click dvd goes into “not responding” and when I try to close it, it crashes my laptop…suggestions?