1click DVD...movie stutters?

I am using 1Click DVD copy on a TDK DVDRW1280B drive. I have used Sony, verbatum, and Maxell brands media. I have tried DVD+R and DVD-R, and played back recorded discs on several DVD players. Here’s my problem:
The DVD+R tend to skip/stutter throughout movie.
The DVD-R plays GREAT until the last maybe 20 minutes and then becomes unwatchable with stuttering and skipping. And this is on several DVD players. If I open the player tray and close it again, let the movie play, it will skip/stutter in totally different places of the movie. These same disks however have absolutly no playback problem when played on my TDK drive. Any suggestions? This is the first movie I have copied, and no compression was needed to record it to the blank media (1-1 copy).
Thanks for any suggestions!

It would help to see some quality scans posted here on the discs you are having problems with.

Kallen, Harley’s suggestion is a good one. The quickest thing to do would be to use CDSpeed/DVDInfoPro or Plextools Pro (if you have a plextor 712 or 716) to perform a Read Transfer test. If your read curve is smooth, then the burn was good. However, I suspect if you run that test that you’ll find huge dips downward where the movie skips, and you’ll hear and see your drive speed lower to try to read the disk. This is the quickest way. Otherwise, if you have a burner (please list the burner you use to burn with) that will allow CDSpeed or DVDInfoPro to let you test with it, run the Disk Quality test, which would provide at least the PIE (sum 8) and PIF values (sum 1) and possibly the jitter (if your burner lets the software recognize it). PIE values higher than 280 could point to possible skipping and PIF values higher than 4 (on LiteOn and Plextor drives) could also reflect that. For BenQ and NEC drives, the PIF value would have to be above 16 to possibly indicate skipping…

Please report back and post those tests when you have run them. :wink:

Thankyou for the responses, I will run that test here shortly. The thing it, the discs won’t skip or stutter in the same place twice…wouldn’t that at least partially rule out this theory?
Once it starts stuttering, I can eject the disc from the player, reinsert it, and it’ll skip somewhere that before played fine, and play where it had previously skipped.
Here’s another thing…I burnt a movie to a Sony DVD+RW, and it plays just fine in even my older component player…

The burner is a TDK DVDRW1280B
Thanks again!