1click dvd movie/error/empty project

Downloaded & installed 1 Click DVD Movie Problem I’m having is when I load an avi movie clip to convert to DVD, choose destination for movie & temp and then press start an error windows pops up and reads empty project. Any ideas?
Are there any in-depth faqs online available for 1 Click?


I recently was pointed to some software called VSO’s Divx to DVD, by someone in another forum. I have not actually tried it with an avi. but it is supposed to work with them, mpeg’s and divx, and it converts them to an actaul dvd folder. This is one of the simplest methods I have tried, and it kinda cuts out authoring anything if you don’t need any fancy menus or anything. I have had no problems using this with mpegs at all. Takes about real time (1.5 hrs. for 1.5 of video) Hope this helps.

Thanks. I’ll look it up and give it a try.