1click dvd, dvdnext, clone dvd 4 - which one is Better?



Which among the three is best for copying Movie DVD’s (No price issue)-

1click dvd,
clone dvd 4

compression functionality is hardly required BTW!


SlySoft AnyDVD & CloneDVD 2


What the hell is Clone DVD 4??


clone dvd 4 - http://www.clonedvd.net/

Is their two clone dvd manufacturing companies?


Yes there are, and that one sucks. CloneDVD2 by Elaborate Bytes/Slysoft is what you want to consider.


Slysoft - i guees its inferior(To so called duplicate) in terms of features like - DL dvd to one disk…
Is their any diff. in copied clarity between the two companies products?

Also, what exactly is Episodic DVD support?


CloneDVD2’s compression has been one of its weaker attributes, but, don’t get me wrong here…it’s still quite good. It’s just that the compression you’ll get from Recode, DVD Shrink, or DVD-RB will be better. But on a LOT of discs the compression you get from CloneDVD2 is more than adequate.

Episode discs…like tv shows where you have several episodes one one disc. CloneDVD2 allows you to split those into several DVD-5’s so you don’t have to compress them at all but still retain the menus. I use that feature a lot and love it.


1ClickDVDCopy is probably the better in terms of ease of use and video quality. But not as much if you want more options on customizing your copies/ there is 1Click Pro, but I am not a fan of that one because of some minor glitches. CloneDVD would be best for customized copying, as long as the compression needed doesn’t get too high…

Just my opinion… :wink:


It all depend to your needs, preference and your taste.