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The best software on the market today. Great support and a private forum to answer all your questions. In my opinion you can’t go wrong withOne Click


yes it does seem like a very good software, but having tried the trial 10 days I think there is not much of a reason to pay $60 extra instead of sticking to free software like nero combined with dvdshrink. to someone like me only looking to back up my DVDs without much bother for fastest speed and absolute best quality, nero and dvdshrink are able to do anything that i would ask for, including copying episodic dvds.
i have seen that 1click is able to encode dvds that other software has problems with.
also, when i re-author a disc putting only the main movie on it, it doesn’t have the little hitch i have with dvdshrink where the movie has permanent subtitles that won’t go away.


How long of a process is it the way you do it. If you have an hour or so than maybe you are right. I can copy and burn a full 2 hour DVD in 18 min. 12 to read and 6 to write, and the dvd is perfect. Can you say that, my time is money and what time I have left after that is for relaxation. With Shrink you have be be very patient.


You can chose not to include subtitles in your re-author. Or, buy a DVD player that has a subtitle on/off button on the remote (like most DVD remotes I’ve seen).


Well, the hitch is that the subtitles do not turn off on the dvd player. the player claims that the subtitles are already off. it is as if they are written onto the movie itself.
i had already erased all subtitles and extras through the re-authoring, that is why it’s strange that the subtitles still showed up. and since the menu had not been included from the beginning…impossible to turn them off through the menu.
in previous posts it’s been suggested i try nero recode…have yet to do that.


One Click is currently working on a Pro Verion that will let you do all the thiong you want and more.