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Since when did DVD2One become defunct? I just went to their website and they’re sill very much alive.:r

I just posted the article 1Click DVD Copy Pro.

LG Software Innovations was kind enough to provide us with their latest solution for copying DVD movies. 1Click DVD Copy - Pro should allow us to backup each movie of our entire DVD collection with just one click. Follow us through this review and find out more about the power of 1Click DVD Copy - Pro.

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/134-1Click-DVD-Copy-Pro/](http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/134-1Click-DVD-Copy-Pro/)

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Please add “requires product activation” to the negatives. :r

i’m sure it’s good, but better than CloneDVD it is not

Looks like another single-pass transcoder with no options to determine the quality of the compression. Clearly not worth the price.

I presently own 1Click regular, which I love. Comparing it to other programs owned by friends, it is by far the best. Those friends are now buying it. After reading your review and the opinions of a forum dedicated to 1Click users, I’ve decided to purchase the new program and it’s added benefits.

I am using 1click DVD copy pro and when I click on START button, nothing happens… What might be the reason. It worked before. I did try 1click DVD copy 5 but then uninstalled it. Now 1click DVD copy pro is not responding by pressing on START button. PLEASE HELP

It might be best if you visited our forums. We can help you much better there. :wink:

I wanted to make a comment about their customer service. Rude and Irresponsive! Their system is set up such that your software prompts you to download updates, but when you buy you only get free updates for a year. Once your year is over it will let you download an update, which overwrites your version and then you are forced to purchase another year’s subscription since your original version no longer exists!

Purchased 1 click,to this day have not one successful copy,true it is easy but it does not work.Response from support was slow and not one of the suggestions worked.Tried to get money refunded they would not.

I have been using 1 click dvd copy 5 for years almost daily and have had very few problems with it in fact i can’t remember the last time it had an issue with it for me it’s more than woth the $19.00 a year to keep it current and the few times i needed to contact customer service via e-mail they were very helpful i would recomend this program above all others of it’s kind without hesitation because it’s been nothing but perfect for me … :S

I use Windows Vista and have 1 click dvd copy pro, the latest version I use dvd43 also, latest version, 4.40. I uninstalled my nero which I found out does not work well with 1 click. I have emailed LG Software Support and they have been quick to answer and help me. I now use Taiyo Yuden discs and burn at 8X. The discs you use I believe do make a difference. I have found very helpful and patient people on the forums that advise and assist with problems. It has taken a little time and effort but I have been having great success and the whole process is very quick indeed: about 10mins tops to copy a movie which I think is great. Keep persisting and investigate as it is a learning process and it’s great when you finally succeed. I also found out about a software program called Driver Detective which I am going to inquire about in more depth. The 1 click dvd copy pro is great for me after the initial learning about what works best with it and what doesn’t. I also do nothing else on my computer while it is copying/burning. So, best to leave your PC alone and let it work unhindered. All the best. Angie :slight_smile:

i have had one click dvd copy5 now for 3 years and it is very good but i cant say the same about their customer service it needs a good shake up i would also like to know when are they going to crack the blu ray like any dvd has done.