1Click DVD Copy Pro

I was just wondering how long this (1Click DVD Copy Pro has been out and if it’s a beta or not. Any information will be appreciated, Thanks in advance.

It is no longer in beta, I was on the beta team and it went final about 3 weeks ago. Several improvements have been added and it is very stable. The price is in my opinion a little high at 99.00 but if you are a current 1Click customer you can upgrade for 39.00.

The trial is for 3 backups within a 10 day period which is fine, you will know if it is a program for you or not within that period.

Hi campman I also was a beta tester for the pro version of 1click and it is truly a nice product! I do not recognize your username though!

Except for being able to span 2 disc’s for a movie it has about all you could want to be able to back up your dvd collection!

You will need to have a decrypter of course and I would sugget ANYDVD! In my opinion it is flawless as a decrypter!

Really Mr. 4-Hams, it is certainly nice to meet you. I know another guy from Canada with the same screenname. I’ll bet this Pro Version is great and I will try it right now.
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