1Click DVD Copy 2.13 released includes CopytoDVD

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  GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about some software he saw                   that may be of interest. This software professes to backup your  DVD movie to one disc with the...
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Uhh…how is this any different then DVD X COPY XPRESS which has been out for a long time now? How can they claim to have perfect video quality when backing up a dvd9 to a dvd5 when there has to be some kind of compression??? I don’t think it will be “perfect” as they claim. It may be good but it can’t be a 1:1 perfect copy, it’s just not possible to put 7+gigs on a 4.7gb disk without some loss of quality. Personally I would rather use dvd shrink which is free and has a lot more control.:X

did you try it? I know Shrink is good…but technology is not standing stil. Perhaps this software does a good job.

DVDShrink allows me to cut the end credits so I gain a little less compression… I like using DVDShrink with Nero… Im new at this but I have to say that its a little better than CloneDVD…