1click and Any DVD v.

In tying to back up Star Wars IV I encountered:

Error 1: This DVD is encrypted…etc message.

Any suggestions?

Please enable safe mode in anydvd.

1-click doesn’t work with Safe Mode.

No it doesn’t. I get the same error.

What version of 1click are you using?

1Click is at
1Click Pro is at

1 click

Try Rebooting your Computer ( No Discs in Drives )

  • See if that makes the Difference

When are you receiving this message ?

  • before 1Click starts to copy ? ( as soon as your press “START” )
  • OR - a while After the ‘copying’ has started - during ?

I might suspect that you may have a “Bad” Source Disc

  • so let’s get that - out of the way -

Inspect the Disc and try cleaning it - even if it doesn’t look like it needs it.

If this doesn’t prove successful …
Use the [B]VSOInspector[/B] to scan the Disc ( it’s Free )

If the Inspector reports "READ Errors"
Then you’ll know that you’ve come across a “BAD” Source Disc .
I would then suggest that you acquire a different copy
… and compare your results .

Are you having trouble with any other Discs ?

Please Post a >> F8 log session of the attempt(s) …
Let us read the ‘process’ in context

  • and your options - selected

Open 1Click >> F8 >> Copy and Paste in Reply
Look for :
Session Started” / “Session Closed

  • to divide the individual sessions
    Post one session per Reply Post
    One or Two “Session(s)” in question should suffice

If the Session is too long - Divide the Session into Two Postings

Your log will instantly answer 20 questions we might have

Let us take a look …