199th comic - Garfield on the farm... - Animals: The birds

Heya everybody,

just one more comic before the legendary comic number 200… so I won’t spend very much words today and just come straight to the comic. :iagree: :wink:
Meanwhile on the other end of the world … one woman is trying to take over the world… sorry wrong text… one woman is trying to ruin Garfield’s day… yeah I really think the big nasty (brain-ill) dog has already met Mrs. Feeny - but that’s another story right after the farm comic series…

I wonder how much more animals Garfield will meet on the farm… :wink:

…to be continued…


hehe, i like that one. :slight_smile:

cheers for the late night laugh :iagree::bigsmile:

HEHEHEHEHEHE, ROTFL :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow:

I love it, thanks Alex

Hey thanks for the feedback, everybody! :wink:


Chucklefest is the only way to describe it.

Rofl :bow: :bow: :bow:

I could totally help him out there. Great comic, Rylex!

Whahahahahahaha, nice catch.

Keep it up alex.